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Astoria Shish Kebob House Restaurant Review – Jan 2019

I had no intention of visiting Astoria today but a lot of my plans had shifted and luckily given me a 2 hour window with nothing to do. Since it was lunch time I thought I would visit Astoria today.

I will admit that this is not the first time I have been to the restaurant, I just decided that I would write about it today.

The restaurant is beautiful and gives you a spacious feeling, actually quite a nice size to have a small party at, I don’t mean friends hanging out, I mean a specialized party such as a baptism, celebration of some sort with lots of people.

I sat down in the last booth near the kitchen, which is where I usually try to sit when I can. I haven’t been to this restaurant in at least 3 months if not more, it was nice to see that the staff still remembered me.

I find the food to be delicious and the service to be relatively fast but over the years I found the price value to dip as the costs kept rising. Today I had noticed that they have introduced the “Lunch” menu, which of course introduced a lunch size menu with a reduced price. This was kind of a relief because I found the portions on a normal menu to actually be good enough for 2 people to split, in fact it’s actually too big for 1 person, unless of course you have a goal of expanding outwards instead of upwards. In the end somehow the price ended up being nearly the same as the dinner with 1/2 the food. I was not impressed needless to say.

Again food quality was phenomenal, service was decent but I can’t justify making this a regular occurrence with the cost. I will go back, just not frequently. I have to regretfully rate this based on Value for Product at 3.75 of 5