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Cactus Club Cafe Review – Etobicoke – Sherway Gardens – Jan 2019

Cactus Club Cafe has opened quiet recently in Sherway Gardens Mall in Etobicoke. Watching the building go up created much anticipation, the question is was all this hype just hype or was there something of substantial value? Tonight I have discovered the answer with my visit.

My friends had arrived much earlier than I did, thank you for that because there was a 20 minute wait to get in. I am not going to lie, I don’t even feel remotely bad for being late and missing that line up.

When I walked in, I wasn’t even acknowledged but in all honesty that was better for me. My friends were inside already and I just needed to find them. I figured they were not in the bar area as that is usually not their choice of seating. I went to the dining room and they were seated at a booth near the dividing wall between the bar and dining room.

I sat down and opened the menu that was in front of me, took a quick look before the waitress approached and asked if she could start me off with a drink. I ordered Sparkling Water, which seems to be the common thing for me lately.

In terms of my food order, I ordered the Jambalaya Rice Bowl, my friends ordered a Tuna Poke Bowl and Chicken Tenders (which is Chicken Fingers).
My Jambalaya was good, it met expectations. I found it a bit spicier than expected but I liked it. I ordered Cheesecake for dessert and it was good for something that gives me the impression it came from a box that they got from Sobey’s or some other grocery store. Definitely not made there. The Chicken Tenders, well what can you say about that? If you screw that up then why would you open a restaurant, so yes they were good. I didn’t try the Tuna Bowl but my friends seemed very happy with it, based on their reaction I am going to assume that it was the best of the 3 meals.

They had a DJ playing tonight and if I was rating the restaurant on the music I would say the Music was 4 of 5, he needs more variety but his song choices had me singing for half the night. I thought the music was just right for a bar but a bit too loud if you consider Cactus Club a restaurant. To be clear with the setup it is too difficult to determine which of the two was their intent. On one hand they have it dark like fine dining, on the other hand they are playing music as loud as a bar. Honestly, if I was not loving the DJ’s music selection I would probably have been annoyed with the volume level, since most people there spent their times on their cell phones instead of conversing with each other, it was probably a perfect level.

My rating for the restaurant is as follows
First Impression when I enter 1/5 not even an acknowledgement
Atmosphere overall 3.25/5 really needs more light and the restaurant doesn’t flow when you are trying to find stuff, like the dining room.
Service is 5/5 the waitress was totally on the ball, very pleasant very friendly, I almost want to talk to her instead of eating she was so pleasant.
Food was 3.75/5 you get what you want and it was good but it didn’t wow me. I found the pricing to actually be a bit too high for what you get, let me drop my food rating to 3.5/5 because of that.

All that sums up to an overall rating of 3.2 / 5 which is my lowest rating so far. Would I go back ? Yes I would as I had a fun time and it wasn’t a horrible experience, it just doesn’t impress me enough for the cost of going.