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Jack Astors Oakville Restaurant Review – January 2019

In general, Jack Astors is a great spot if you are looking for a fun bar kind of atmosphere and I must say this experience did not disappoint any expectations. What I found unique tonight is that when I usually go to Jack’s the music is a bit too loud and overbearing and tonight it was just right.

I went with my usual buddy to shoot the shit and ordered the usual “Nachos'” with Jalapeños and Chicken. I think I’ve said this before but Jack Astors has the best Nachos’ Ever!!! We had sparkling water for drinks.

In terms of service, we had one of the girls that serves us regularly and we were pleased to see her there tonight. I believe her name was Tania but I could be wrong (It was on the Receipt), either case she is always a delight and very prompt with service.

I will say that even though Jack Astors is a “Franchise” business where they are supposed to be consistent all around, I can tell you that the experiences vary based on location. I find Sherway to be inconsistent and noise levels to be obnoxious at best. I do like the staff there though.

I found the Oakville location to be more consistent to what you expect, I am very pleased with my visit here.

My overall rating for this location is 4 / 5, for Jack Astors as a whole 3.75 / 5 but Jack Astors Head Office Customer Service is 5 / 5, I have never seen a Head Office as prompt and concerned as theirs.