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La Castile Restaurant Review – Etobicoke – Jan 2019

I have been to La Castile quite often in the past and thought I would write about it this time. I often like to use this restaurant as my go to place when I want a fantastic steak dinner but want to be alone. I have some exceptions to this where I have brought some of my past dates with me as well.

I like the classic fine dining look that it represents. In fact that may actually be the key part that I resonate with and keeps me coming back. I have been to many modern designed steak houses but something about the classic look keeps me in check.

I will admit that regardless of the time of day I go I tend to order off the lunch menu, there’s nothing wrong with the dinner menu but I find that it comes with a bit too much food that I will finish to not waste any but regret or I will leave it behind. If I order off the lunch menu it tends to be the right size. I order the Rib Eye Steak cooked Medium Rare with a Baked Potato with Sour Cream, they have butter but I often opt out of having the butter put in.

I must say they get my order right more often then not, I am rarely disappointed with this restaurant. I have become a bit of a staple in the place. I sit at the bar and find it to be the perfect spot for me. I am far enough from the piano player that it’s not so loud and close enough that I can sing along if I desire to, for the record I never sing along that would be disastrous.

The service is on point and the costs are more than reasonable for what you get, it’s not a place that a person would typically frequent like I do, as it does represent fine dining. I am quite certain that you will not be disappointed with the level of quality of food that you get here, a real destination point to take your girlfriend or wife for dinner on date night.

I would rate this restaurant a 4.5 of 5 making it my second restaurant to receive this rating so far.