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Pulcinella Restaurant Review – Etobicoke – January 2019

Pulcinella is located at: 3687 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8W 1P7 and their direct website is:

I had made a point of going to this restaurant today to meet with a friend that I haven’t seen in a very long time. I met this guy during my days in the nightclub business, was a popular DJ at the time Irone Mike!

I walked in and I’m sure you can see the amazement I saw based on the picture below, talk about classy. I wasn’t expecting it to look trashy or anything like that don’t misunderstand me BUT I wasn’t expecting the level of detail here. In general the Lakeshore and Browns Line area has been known to be a little on the needs improvement side of town, the general consensus has been that they have cleaned up the area and it’s now trendy and appealing. I saw that today first hand, the area does look different and there’s definitely better options and appeal in the area.

So obviously I am quite impressed with the decor and the welcoming feeling that I received when I showed up. I sat near the back which is evident on the picture I took, I did that so I can gain a view of the whole surrounding. I would say that I would DEFINITELY take a date to this restaurant as it leaves you with a feeling of awe.

I had no idea what I wanted to order today, especially since it’s lunch time and not dinner. I did order my usual Sparkling Water and I was also brought some bread with oil for dip. The bread itself was incredible, dipped in the oil (oil was spicy) it was irresistible, at this point if the bread was the example of the rest of the food I was in for a real treat!

I couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted as they had a fair amount to choose from, Veal Parmigiana with Penne Pasta is what I went with. I guess I am a sucker for that like I am with Nacho’s at Jack’s. I was told that it was a large meal, I thought meh that’s fine I am sure I can eat it.

Oh Boy, the dish showed up and at that point I wish I didn’t eat so much bread. I knew that finishing this was going to be a challenge, this wasn’t a meal it was a meal for two. I was warned, how can I complain.

It was time to try it, I decided to try the pasta first and wow I started eating the pasta and didn’t want to stop. I felt that the pasta was so good that there was no way the veal can compete. I said to myself that I should try the veal as meat is always best served hot. I cut a piece of veal and that is when the problem started, I did not know which one I wanted to eat more. I managed to finish my meal and as much as my stomach said why did you punish me with so much food, my taste buds said oh wow when can we do this again.

I drank an espresso before I left, you can tell that the coffee is good or great for this matter by the fact that I didn’t need any sugar with it. I drink coffee for the social aspect more than for the taste, I usually need sugar to be able to down the coffee let alone an espresso. In this case the coffee was rewarding and easy to drink, no sugar.

I have never rated a restaurant or any experience a 5/5 but today this will be a milestone and this place is 100% a 5/5.