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REC Experience – S3 EP04 – Part 1 – Devin Tu – Real Estate, Entrepreneurship & Leadership

REC Experience Podcast – S3 EP04 – Part 1 – Devin Tu – Real Estate, Entrepreneurship & Leadership 

In the first of this two segment episode, Jas chats with CEO of Map Your Property, Devin Tu. They discuss why providing consumers with easier and more complete access to information is better for the real estate industry as a whole, the sacrifices entrepreneurs make and the importance of delegating to competent team members.

In Part 2, Business Coach and Co-Host of the Thought Leader Revolution, Nicky Billou, joins us in studio to discuss how his past molded him into the man he is today, why successful people keep journals, what he learned from training professional athletes, and the importance of positive self-talk.

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