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Restaurant Review of Sofia on Yorkville! – December 2018

It was a Friday night and I wanted to try something new, Friday December 28th 2018 to be exact. My friend suggested that we try out a place in Yorkville called Sofia. I thought it was a great idea.

Sofia is another venue created by Ink Entertainment, same group that once upon a time created the most thrilling nightclubs in the city. They still have a couple as well as some other venues in Toronto. The experiences we had in the past with other Ink Entertainment Venues had influenced this choice.

Walked in, there were two girls at the front to greet us and take our coats. The restaurant was already quite full, thankfully we had made reservations but was just a bit early. We had been seated practically dead centre of the restaurant against the wall facing everyone. This was a great spot to be in, allowing me to people watch and basically observe everything that was going on here.

Sitting next to us was a lady and some guy we assumed was her boyfriend, what caught my attention was that she was holding a DSLR Camera, Sony Brand to be specific. I had recently purchased my DSLR but went with Canon, even though I had considered Sony myself, so curiosity killed the cat and I had engaged in a conversation with the couple next to me. Mostly about the camera and their experience so far. They had ordered this unique dish (spaghetti dish of some sort) and it had intrigued me.

The waitress had come to take our drink order, I ordered Sparkling Water. I asked her what the dish was next to me and said I wanted one of those. I still don’t remember what it was called but thankfully took a picture of it here. My friend had ordered a different dish than me “Agnolotti Tartufo”. I also ordered BISTECCA WAGYU – Preserved Tomato, Sorrel, Black Garlic, I wanted the pasta as a side but it showed up as a full dish. Surprisingly I managed to eat all of it.

My friend and I will both agree that dinner was absolutely delicious, the service was acceptable and prompt as well. We were not finished because we had to just try out a dessert, which I later regretted not because of taste but a result of eating too much already. For the record, the Dessert was FANTASTIC! The ambiance and overall feel was very welcoming and made us feel as if we had made the right decision.

I would definitely make the choice to visit this delightful restaurant again.
My rating for Sofia would be 4.25 of 5 Stars