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Saucy Bar & Kitchen Restaurant Review – Jan 2019

I was invited to visit Saucy Bar & Kitchen by Restaurant Owner Ray Bernardo and boy am I glad I was. When I first arrived, I walked in and really did not know what to expect, you would think I researched the place before I went. I assure you I did not.

I will admit that when I walked in, the place was much smaller that I anticipated but that actually turned out to be a blessing. When I say that Saucy Bar was like going to the TV Sitcom Cheers, this is an UNDERSTATEMENT, in fact for about a minute I actually started to believe my name was NORM and Ray was SAM. I kid you not, everyone knew everyone there and it didn’t take more than a hello to get a great welcome.

I walked in and the bartender asked me if I would like to start with a drink, if you know me then you would know that I stopped drinking alcohol on September 8th 2018, not for problems but just decided that it didn’t compliment my life anymore, basically I don’t gain anything from it. My point is that I ordered my usual drink (at least lately) Sparkling Water or Soda Water.

Ray had come out from the back, not knowing that I was there as of yet, immediately said hello, for the record, this is the first time that I have met Ray. I am connected to him via social media (Facebook, Instagram) but other than that we have never met. Watching everything that was going on, I can see that it’s consistent in terms of atmosphere, this is truly the neighbourhood bar that the locals frequent and know each other by first name. I was actually quite impressed with how friendly it was, in fact I actually met everyone that was there at the time and it was kind of nice.

I ended up ordering the Veal as you will see in the pictures below, trust me when I say this, the pictures do not do it justice. The food was delicious, in fact the only thing I can pick on is that maybe there was a tad bit too much cheese but not so much that it ruined it. In fact if you are a big cheese lover you would probably have loved it even more. The presentation of the dish was impressive and the toppings in the sandwich was quite hefty, I was impressed. The whole meal was not just filling but steaming hot when it arrived, made to order.

I have to say this meal was a perfect end to my day and am looking forward to the next time I can have it. I will admit the cozy atmosphere does cater more to a group of friends looking to get out and socialize together over a few drinks versus bringing the family and children out for the night. It is after all the CHEERS (Bar) setting which in essence is the local bar where people go out to socialize and hang out with each other. Tonight was Karaoke night and I saw the guy set it up and play music in the background while getting ready. I will admit I left before the start of Karaoke but if you are looking to grab a drink, food with friends then sing your heart out and have fun, Thursday Nights are the perfect night for you!

Saucy Bar & Kitchen is located at:
231 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G8
Open Sunday & Monday 12 Noon to 6pm
Tuesday 12 Noon to 9pm, Wednesday to Saturday 12 Noon to 2 am

I would rate my experience at 4.25 of 5.