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Turtle Jacks Restaurant Review – Burlington – Jan. 2019

Tonight we went to the Winter Burlington Beer Festival to take Photos’ and Videos’ which you can see on the website. We got back from the event around the 7:00 pm mark and I decided that I did not want to cook at home.

My friend and I decided to go to Turtle Jacks, which was literally across the street from where I live. There was a wait time for the dining room but was told that the bar was first come first serve. I saw someone leaving a booth at the end of the bar area and I bolted for it.

The waitress wasted no time in cleaning the table for us, as well as grabbing our drinks. I grabbed my usual sparkling water. My friend ordered a coke.
I decided to grab Fajita’s for dinner since I haven’t eaten Fajita’s in a very long time. (Over 2 years) I figured that this would be a nice change. My friend ordered the Dusted Roaster Wings and Fries.

The food literally took what felt like forever to come, the restaurant was extremely busy but it seemed as if there was a few people that came after us had received their food first. I found it odd but wasn’t that annoyed with it, but of course I wasn’t going anywhere that night other than home to process pictures. My friend was on a schedule and the delay in food did displace his schedule. In reality it shouldn’t matter whether or not we had somewhere to go or not, taking 45 minutes to bring simple food does not seem normal.

I will admit, I am super happy I ordered the Fajita’s they were so good. I thought it was a bit too rice heavy chicken light but portions in most restaurants today are unbalanced for cost reasons. My friend made no comment on his food, I am assuming it was because the other factors in the service was on the forefront of thoughts. Positive note, he didn’t complain about the food so it was probably good.

When it was time to ask for the bill, we hadn’t seen our waitress in quite some time and that’s when my friend brought up a good point. Throughout our meal he did not get offered a refill on his empty drink once, nor was she anywhere around for him to ask if he wanted to. The irony here was that his drink was actually empty before the meal showed up.

Turtle Jacks is generally a pricey place, especially for what you get. I am not complaining about that as we chose to come here knowing that. You would think that for that kind of expense, there service would be more on track.

I rate this experience a 3/5.